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I'm C.M. Dilcher,
Not Just A School Counselor

I'm a new author with one book published and starting on another. Currently, I can be found as a school counselor in Great Falls, MT but grew up in Ohio. I enjoy horses, cooking, riding bikes with my daughter, road trips and dessert. 


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Colors In Me

Strength, Love, Resiliency 

A heartwarming story of a little boy's bravery to survive his home and school...inspirational must read story!


Colors In Me - Reviews

"This book is a must read for everyone! It broke my heart a million times and was very eye opening to the struggle some children face. I could not put it down. Beautifully written as the details come alive as you read. Brava! I hope she writes more books in the future!!!"

"This book made me laugh and it brought tears to my eyes. I literally could see the super hero counselor’s office, and I loved how colors describe feelings. So well written you absolutely fall in love with sweet little Austin and Dorothy. I pray we all take a minute to be that kindof, kind always. Such a touching reflection on how our teachers and school staff impact our children and horrifying glimpse into a the life of an abused child. So inspirational and definitely a must read for anyone working with children. It’s a must read also for parents it really takes you right into the mind of a child."

"This book should be in every curriculum for anyone working with children! I laughed, cried, and held my breath along with Austin throughout his story. It saddens me that children have to live through situations like these, but brings me great hope reading about friends and teachers who care enough to help. I hope every child finds their Dorothy! I couldn’t put this book down!"

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